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    The success of the Black Opium perfume



    The success of the Black Opium perfume
    The success of the Black Opium perfume

    Black Opium is a fragrance that has been all the rage since its release in 2014. Nevertheless, the history of this oriental, sensual and gourmet juice does not date from yesterday. Indeed, its origin and popularity date back to the year 1977. So how about a quick throwback?

    The story of a myth signed by Yves Saint-Laurent

    The history of Opium began in 1977. Indeed, it was on this date that Yves Saint-Laurent imagined an elegant perfume., daring and nonchalant. Also, it instantly unleashed all passions. Indeed, his name was considered to be an incitement to the consumption of illicit products. In this sense, it was even banned in several countries. However, this controversy only made more talk about him, increasing at the same time his success. Opium then went through the years until being revisited in 2014. This time, Black Opium depicts a more current setting. It gives women a little tomboy side combined with a touch of impertinence. As its bottle suggests, the Yves Saint-Laurent woman is this time portrayed under her more rock side. She is just as classic as rebellious, chic as mysterious… Her femininity is then all the more irresistible, at the same time intrepid, sulphurous and passionate.

    Black Opium, a sulphurous juice

    If Black Opium were to symbolize only one universe, it would probably be the forbidden. This juice is full of contrasts. It combines darkness and light. Its liveliness is striking and draws its dynamism from an intense black coffee note. Likewise, pink berries complement the whole with an unparalleled hint of pep. Jasmine and orange blossom, for their part, then deliver their intense femininity. Pear, on the other hand, deploys its fruity and addicting side. Finally, the whole is further enhanced by a hint of vanilla as well as woody notes of cedar and patchouli. Black Opium is a fragrance of opulence and intensity. It thus exudes a mysterious elegance.