The Touche Eclat YSL, the essential beauty enhancer



The Touche Eclat YSL, the essential beauty enhancer
The Touche Eclat YSL, the essential beauty enhancer

Tired face, unsightly pimples, dark circles, imperfections,… All these little flaws are regularly encrusted on our faces. Indeed, the daily aggressions, the state of our health, the seasons and the menstrual periods play a preponderant role in the appearance of the skin. Also, in order to fight effectively against these unexpected and unsightly appearances, Yves Saint-Laurent has developed a miracle product: Touche Eclat Correcteur . This is a must have that every woman should have in her make-up kit. It helps correct even the smallest flaw with a single brushstroke, a real beauty ally!

The Touche Eclat Correcteur, a miracle product!

In order to properly play its role of concealer in all discretion, this product signed Yves Saint-Laurent is available in several shades. Thus, it adapts to all skin tones and illuminates the complexion touch by touch without being noticed. The Touche Eclat Corrector pen can have several functions. It erases the shadowy areas on the sides of the nose or at the corners of the lips. Thus, it conceals expression lines and opens the eyes. It brings a boost of freshness to your face. What’s more, its ingenious system allows you to impregnate your brush as you wish by clicking two or three times on its tip.

In addition to erasing imperfections, the Touche Eclat Correcteur by Yves Saint Laurent highlights and illuminates certain areas of your face. It helps you sculpt the light to direct it to certain parts such as the tip of the chin or the top of the cheekbones. In other words, it helps to perfect the texture of your skin. What’s more, note that it blends wonderfully with day cream, foundation or powder. Thus, it slips easily into the hollow of your bag and allows you to make small alterations at any time of the day. In other words, thanks to it, your skin stays beautiful from early morning until night!

How to apply this magical Yves Saint-Laurent treatment?

If you are using this product as a concealer to erase your small imperfections, simply apply it to those specific areas and gently pat it outward to work it in. Avoid using too much concealer which will only exacerbate your problem. On the other hand, Touche Eclat Correcteur is also used as a sublimator of certain parts of the face. To illuminate your eyes, all you need to do is apply a little Touche Eclat Correcteur on your mobile eyelid and in the inner corner of your eye. This will help increase the hold and shine of your eyeshadow. To create a fuller mouth, do not hesitate to use it around your lips before applying your lipstick. The latter will be revived and the outline of your mouth will be smoothed,

As you can see, the Touche Eclat Correcteur combines multiple functions in a simple, particularly practical and intelligent tube that can be taken anywhere. Equipping yourself with this tool is like taking your makeup artist everywhere with you, a real whim of a diva now at your fingertips!