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    The virility of Hugo Boss’s new Hugo Man Extreme



    The virility of Hugo Boss's new Hugo Man Extreme
    The virility of Hugo Boss‘s new Hugo Man Extreme

    There are perfumes that we never tire of. These are universal and time seems to slip over them without ever leaving a trace.

    Each one recognizes himself in them and they become almost timeless. Also, the Hugo perfume seems to be one of them. Created in 1995, it is still a great success. Moreover, it is no coincidence that Hugo Boss perfumes were elected as being the most appreciated by the French last year. This is why the Hugo Boss house wishes to pay tribute to this cult fragrance. It will therefore offer a new version within a few weeks and it will then be named Hugo Man Extreme.

    A look back at the success of Hugo Boss perfume

    Hugo was one of the first men’s fragrances from the Hugo Boss house. It was born in 1995 and was particularly innovative. Indeed, it was one of the first male essences to offer fruity notes. Thus, he brought a new freshness within the perfume department. Its scent seemed cleaner and more dazzling than that of its predecessors. Its opening notes were sparkling and fruity while its heart was greener and more floral. However, he was not lacking in virility and drew the source of his masculinity in its woody background. It was quickly an international success and thus gave rise to many variations and copies. After all, isn’t that the lot of all the bestsellers? It will therefore become an archetype of the perfumes of the 90s. In other words, today we can consider Hugo as the authentic ancestor of a whole line of perfumes which are very widespread today. If Hugo was so appreciated it is also undoubtedly because it was quite easy to wear, on any occasion and by any man wishing to combine class and relaxation. Today, the Hugo Boss house therefore offers us a more intense version of this fragrance without altering it.

    The intense smell of the new Hugo Man Extreme

    Hugo Man Extremeis a more intense version of the famous Hugo fragrance. Finally, this new essence takes up many aspects of its predecessor, starting with its bottle. Indeed, we find again its famous form of gourd of the army. This one looks the same as the original, except that the color of its bluish green juice intensifies. In fact, it is the same with its smell. The structure of its essence is much the same except that the new Hugo Man Extreme is played with intensity. It opens with a particularly fruity and invigorating scent of green apple. This one does not lack bite and immediately displays the pep’s of gasoline. Then, its heart becomes more aromatic. There is the spicy presence of sage, the lemon content of geranium and the lighter aspect of lavender. In this sense, this fragrance is a classic of men’s perfumery. Indeed, it brings together ingredients very appreciated and particularly characteristic of perfumes for men. Finally, his virility is clearly felt in his wake. This intensifies and delivers a highly woody scent made up of cedar and fir resin.