The YSL Man, the essence of the men of the 21st century



The YSL Man, the essence of the men of the 21st century
The YSL Man, the essence of the men of the 21st century

It was in 1961 that Yves Saint Laurent founded his fashion house with the help of his friend Pierre Berger. It immediately disturbs, upsets and shocks the bourgeoisie. Its style breaks with that of the time and offers women clothing that is light, short and much more feminine. His first perfume “Rive Gauche” is also perceived as an incentive to freedom of morals. In 2006, the YSL house unveiled “L’Homme” . Ultra modern and with an intense charisma, “L’Homme” is one of the brand‘s best-sellers.

YSL’s tribute to modern men

It is to the man that the YSL brand wished to pay tribute here. To modern, contemporary men, to the men of the 21st century. For the designer, modern men are both strong and fragile, handsome and charismatic, sensual and manly. Daring, the man of the 21st century represents the perfect alchemy between creativity and authenticity. The YSL man actually reveals the man of the past, present and future, he is the link between all generations. Also very elegant, “The YSL man” is in total harmony with the brand’s collections. With “The Man”, it is all the facets of contemporary men that are honored. This is why we will find all these contrasts in the composition. “The YSL Man” has an unparalleled charisma, a magnetic force that attracts all who look at him …

The contrasting notes of L’Homme d’YSL

It took no less than 4 talented creators to create this unique composition, namely Anne Flipo, Dominique Ropion, Béatrice Piquet and Pierre Wargnye. Here, we are simply witnessing the perfect balance between the rough and the precious. “The man” begins with the freshness of citron and bergamot, jostled by ginger. The heart of “L’Homme” is composed of a floral note with the flower of violet, associated with the aromatic note of basil, but also with white pepper offering a composition which oscillates between strength and sweetness. The heart is woody-amber with the presence of sandalwood, virginia cedar, amber, vetiver and tonka bean.

Finally, the bottle is sumptuous and perfectly represents the contemporary man . Very sober, the bottle rests on a heavy glass cylinder. Clean and transparent, it also gives a glimpse of the golden color of its nectar. The whole is surmounted by a very imposing octagonal metal cap, echoing the shape of a bolt. The whole is an ultra sophisticated and luxurious rendering.

L’Homme is one of the great successes of the YSL house. It will also be available in many versions, to the delight of these gentlemen, but also that of women! An authentic fragrance that pays homage to all facets of the man of the 21st century.