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    Valmont Prime Regenera II Cellular Cream



    Valmont Prime Regenera II Cellular Cream
    Valmont Prime Regenera II Cellular Cream

    Fight against dehydration of your skin with Cellular Cream Prime Regenera II from Valmont

    Valmont is a Swiss beauty brand that is synonymous with excellence. Initially, it was a clinic. Then, in the 80s, it metamorphosed into a company specializing in the creation of cosmetic treatments. Today, Valmont advocates a unique know-how bringing together efficiency, innovation and aesthetics. Valmont’s goal is very simple: to help men and women master the signs of the aging process. Thus, while Valmont offers a very wide range of products, it focuses more specifically on combating cellular aging. However, for this, hydration remains the key to success. It is therefore precisely to protect your skin from dryness and the natural effects of time that Prime Regenera II Cellular Cream has been designed.

    Skin dryness, a very common phenomenon

    Skin dryness is a completely natural phenomenon which however remains variable from one individual to another. Indeed, your genetic makeup plays a considerable role in the dehydration of your skin. However, skin dryness is also accentuated by external factors, linked to your environment. Over the years, your skin ages. These fibers of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid become scarce. As a result, the skin tends to dry out, become more fragile, and age. Beyond age, many external factors also act in this direction. Both free radicals and sudden changes in temperature attack our skin. Some of your habits also promote drought. For exemple, It is not recommended to let water dry on your skin without wiping it off, or to use household products without wearing gloves. Finally, be aware that a diet poor in vitamin A, essential fatty acids or trace elements can also have harmful effects on your skin. All of this therefore makes your skin more vulnerable. The idea is therefore to help it to make it more tender and preserve its youth. This is precisely what theCellular Cream Prime Regenera II .

    The nourishing and moisturizing powers of Prime Regenera II Cellular Cream

    The Cellular Cream Prime Regenera II from Valmont is a particularly rich and very nutritious treatment. It helps fight against skin dryness by providing your skin with many lipids. By this action, Cellular Cream Prime Regenera II consolidates the intercellular cement of your epidermis and restores its integrity. In other words, this treatment has restorative and healing properties. It is more specifically adapted to fight against epidermis dried out by extreme climatic conditions. By providing such hydration to your skin, Prime Regenera II Cellular Cream intends to preserve it from premature aging. This is a real concentrate of softness to be used daily to limit the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. From now on, the skin on your hands will no longer betray your age!