Valmont Water Falls Eau de Source Nettoyante, a highly effective cleansing treatment



Valmont Water Falls Cleansing Spring Water
Valmont Water Falls Cleansing Spring Water

As heir to the know-how of Swiss cellular cosmetics, the house of Valmont has been perpetuating the anti-aging expertise born in the famous clinic of the same name for more than 30 years. Always faithful to the concept of cellulotherapy, Valmont draws molecules with anti-aging properties from the heart of cells. Thanks to a unique and exclusive extraction process, Valmont then collects intact macromolecules. Integrated into Valmont formulas, the latter stimulate and strengthen cells, weakened by years or environmental aggressions. Your skin is splendid and radiant with youth. Among all the brand‘s exceptional treatments, Valmont presents “Water Falls Eau de Source Nettoyante”.

The beneficial effects of spring water concentrated in the Valmont Water Falls Eau de Source Nettoyante

The Eau de Source Nettoyante de Valmont “Water Falls” is a waterfall of freshness. It is a cleansing treatment water that soothes and decongests your face. Its ultra-gentle cleansing agents act in synergy with aloe vera, allantoin, and blueberries to offer sensitive skin the softness of a complete cleansing, which does not wash off. The result is ultra-fresh, health-invigorating skin.

Valmont Water Falls Cleansing Spring Water, usage tips

You can apply your Valmont “Cleansing Source Water” morning and evening, and as many times as needed. Apply your Spring Water to your face and neck, using a soft cloth or cotton, generously impregnated.

Valmont “Water Falls Eau de Source Nettoyante” offers your skin immense freshness. Cleaned, your skin is illuminated and radiant.