Wanted by Night: Azzaro signs a new ad



Wanted by Night: Azzaro signs a new ad
Wanted by Night: Azzaro signs a new ad

Wanted By Night by Azzaro, the scent of a night owl seen by three different eyes

Loris Azzaro was a hedonistic character, a bit of a gambler, lover of life and liking to challenge the everyday. Inspired by the founder of the brand bearing his name, Azzaro developed a first juice called Wanted in 2016 . Recently, this fresh and spicy woody note has been transformed into a more intense and nocturnal version. Its new edition is called Wanted By Night and gives us the story of a night owl that leaves no one indifferent. As always, Nikolai Danielsen embodies the role of the man in question. Azzaro has just unveiled the images of his advertising clip: “A man. A night. Three stories ”.

Nikolai Danielsen, the perfect incarnation of the Azzaro man

Since the release of the Wanted perfume, Azzaro has set his sights on Nikolaï Danielsen to embody the image of an assertive, virile masculinity, a bit mysterious and particularly seductive. In this scented collection, he is responsible for symbolizing a man for whom everything is possible and for whom everything succeeds. For Wanted By Night, Nikolai Danielsen is the symbol of a free, rebellious gentleman, living his life as he sees fit and ready to follow his instincts, even if it means changing the rules of the game at any time. Very daring, Nikolai Danielsen appears to be a modern day Gatsby. Men envy him, women desire him. With Wanted By Night, he only seems to intensify his magnetic aura. He is the symbol of a “modern seducer: an extraordinary man, elegant, daring and mysterious, surrounded by an aura of power,

Wanted By Night, one destiny but three stories

Wanted By Night is accompanied by an advertisement which tells us about the evening of Nikolai Danielsen perceived by three different destinies.

The story of Tom the bartender

It all starts with Tom, the bartender at the nightclub: “This man? Yes. I saw him last night. It didn’t happen exactly … Like everyone else. When everyone was there, he left ”. The images show us the arrival of Nikolai Danielsen, a charismatic man to whom everyone turns.

The pursuit of Anna the tattoo artist

Then, a few hours later, around 2:30 am, Anna says, “Yes, I remember him. I saw him pass. I felt a connection between us. And there he left. »The film for Wanted By Night takes us through the maze of the evening, in a dark atmosphere simply lit by a few neons of black light. The bodies come closer, without ever falling into the effervescence of a carnal embrace. The tension is palpable but Nikolai Danielsen escapes.

The duo formed by Lily and Lola

La campagne s’achève par Lily et Lola : « Nous nous souvenons de lui. C’était déjà le matin pour nous. Mais c’était seulement le début de la nuit pour lui. » Il était pourtant déjà 5:25 et le jour n’allait pas tardé à se lever. Laissant derrière lui quelques clichés photographiques de la soirée, Nikolaï Danielsen s’évade à la lueur de l’aube, ne laissant pour seul souvenir que la senteur épicée et boisée de son parfum Wanted By Night.