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    Wanted Girl Tonic, Azzaro’s daring new fragrance



    Wanted Girl Tonic, Azzaro's daring niche fragrance
    Wanted Girl Tonic, Azzaro’s daring niche fragrance

    Wanted Girl Tonic, make your everyday life sparkle with the new feminine fragrance from Azzaro

    Wanted is a masculine fragrance that made its appearance in 2016. Like Loris Azzaro himself, founder of the eponymous brand, he embodied the image of a high-profile man ready to do anything to succeed. However, all that was missing from this perfume was a match made in it to form a cult couple. It was done a few years later, in 2019, with the appearance of Wanted Girl. However, today, it is precisely this female counterpart who is reinventing herself. Get ready to get drunk on a very invigorating new lease of life, with Azzaro’s Wanted Girl Tonic essence !

    Wanted Girl Tonic, a concentrate of energy

    Wanted Girl Tonic combines several particularly energizing ingredients. First, the lemon deposits its tangy breath on it. Then, it marries with the slightly soapy and peppery scent of ginger, an ingredient also known for its aphrodisiac power. Undeniably, the woman who wears this composition is a seducer… Then, the Acai berry further amplifies the fieryness of this juice, before softening with bamboo, a raw material that is more vegetal and aquatic. Gradually, the floral romanticism is gaining ground, before ending with a more woody base.
    Also note that the pink pepper and ginger contained in Wanted Girl Tonic are both grown in an eco-responsible way. Not content with smelling infinitely good, this perfume also takes care of our planet!

    The return of the puzzling bottle of Azzaro

    To our great pleasure, Wanted Girl Tonic comes in the same bottle as its predecessors. It must be said that his bottle has absolutely nothing in common. Its glass is sculpted to form multiple petals. For a little, and one would almost believe that this bottle is devoted to stripping! This time, the golden juice of Wanted Girl has faded in favor of a brighter and very feminine pink. The whole is overlooked by an astonishing trigger-shaped vaporizer. The message is clear: Wanted Girl Tonic is a real weapon of mass seduction, to be used to capsize men’s hearts and inject energy into your daily life!

    The deceptively relaxed character of the Azzaro woman

    Wanted Girl Tonic is a fragrance for all those who are bursting with energy. With him, luck provokes a little more every day. Azzaro encourages women to try the impossible. This perfume leaves no room for routine and far prefers the unexpected. Behind its exceptional tone, Wanted Girl Tonic nevertheless preserves an undeniable class. Its raw materials are rigorously selected. More concretely, Wanted Girl Tonic is a fragrance aimed at a charismatic and lively woman, spontaneous and sassy, ​​but not devoid of refinement. All in balance, Wanted Girl Tonic brings a more intrepid side to the often very compartmentalized world of luxury. So, will you dare to taste its contagious liveliness?