Wonder Perfect by Clarins, the ally of your eyes!



Wonder Perfect by Clarins, the ally of your eyes!
Wonder Perfect by Clarins, the ally of your eyes!

Wonder Perfect by Clarins, the most beautiful ally of your eyes

The Clarins house is one of the biggest cosmetics brands on the planet. This company has continued to improve over the decades. Its ambition is to invent what beauty needs and to continually improve what already exists. Thanks to this leitmotif, Clarins has literally revolutionized the history of cosmetics and make-up. Thus, Clarins offers us this time to discover one of the most beautiful assets that exist on the market to sublimate your eyes: the Wonder Perfect. Focus on this extraordinary mascara benefiting from all the expertise of this renowned brand.

Wonder Perfect, a 3 in 1 mascara

The Mascara Wonder Perfectacts on three aspects at the same time. It coats the lashes in its intense color and envelops them from root to tip to increase their volume, length and arch. Therefore, the Wonder Perfect intensifies the look and gives your eyelashes a particularly glamorous look. Its intense black color is particularly loaded with pigments. Thus, it offers a magnetic color that does not go unnoticed. In addition, its color withstands all tests and does not fade during the day. Definitely, the Wonder Perfect has more than one trick up its sleeve! In a single application, it creates a remarkable effect while maintaining a certain flexibility of the eyelashes and without ever creating any overload. Therefore, with such advantages, it is not surprising that this mascara is one of the most beautiful references on the market.

How to properly apply Wonder Perfect mascara?

Know that, to further increase the effectiveness of your Wonder Perfect, there are a lot of techniques used by professionals. First of all, know that by depositing a little loose powder on your eyelashes before applying your mascara, you will considerably increase its hold. Then, even if the Clarins Wonder Perfect is effective from the first layer, know that it is possible for you to make several passes. In this case, wait until the first coat is dry before applying a second. However, limit yourself to two passages. Beyond that, you risk getting packages. To optimize the volume of your eyelashes, catch them well at the level of the root and go up towards their tip by carrying out a zigzag movement. Note that the Clarins brush is also designed to increase the length of your eyelashes. Thus, she catches them one by one and no recalcitrant eyelash can resist her! Finally, know that Clarins Wonder Perfect removes make-up very easily. As a result, there is no risk of damaging your eyelashes or tearing off some of them when removing make-up.