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    YSL – Ombre Mono Couture



    YSL - Ombre Mono Couture 02 Canvas
    YSL – Ombre Mono Couture 02 Canvas

    Maison Yves Saint Laurent unveils a new range of very couture mono-color eye shadows …

    Ombre Mono Couture YSL

    Buy Yves Saint Laurent Mono Couture eye shadow on Fragrenza Perfumes.

    Shades with chromatic intensity and high-fidelity texture that delicately appear in a sublime golden case adorned with the legendary Cassandre logo.

    YSL - Ombre Mono Couture 09 Orient
    YSL – Ombre Mono Couture 09 Orient

    A play between pigments and finishes orchestrated by Lloyd Simmonds. Like Mr. Yves Saint Laurent, the latter initiated his chromatic journey by pinning fabric samples to a few sketches to design a range of unique colors with multiple variations.

    With Couture Mono, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté pays tribute to three mythical places so dear to the heart of Mr. Yves Saint Laurent. Places of creation, inspiration and exaltation, sources of iconic make-up collections.

    An exceptional, light and long-lasting 16H formula that does not migrate and lasts all day, for optimal comfort.

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