Yves Saint Laurent Universal Lip Contour



Yves Saint Laurent Universal Lip Contour
Yves Saint Laurent Universal Lip Contour

Lip Definer, the new beauty tip from Yves Saint-Laurent

Make-up has become over time a real artistic sector in its own right. It allows to sublimate the most beautiful fashion shows as well as the biggest movie stars. Make-up artists are therefore shadow workers whose work shines on the biggest stages around the world. Also, like the latter, Yves Saint-Laurent has developed a miracle product that is invisible and yet allows to sublimate the lips better than any other. Focus on the new Lip Definer, a universal lip liner that every one of us should have in our makeup bag.

Yves Saint-Laurent’s innovative idea

Lip Definer is a lip liner. So far, nothing very innovative… And yet! In reality, it is a pencil with a soft lead that is not visible. More than a full-fledged make-up, it is a tool to enhance your make-up. It works in the shadows and makes your smile look brighter than ever. In this case, it prevents the color from spinning during the day. The Lip Definer creates a sort of invisible barrier that prevents the lipstick from fading. Real addictive product that you will not be able to do without, it slides over your mouth and effectively fights fine lines. So the color of your lipstick will never be streaked again, which also helps to make your mouth look fuller. Finally,

Applying Lip Definer Pencil

To apply the universal pencilYves Saint-Laurent Lip Definer, nothing could be simpler. You just need to pair it with your usual lipstick. To do this, trace the entire outline of your mouth using the Lip Definer and stretch it towards the heart of your lips. You can easily do this with a cotton swab or just your fingertips. This creates a sort of invisible barrier preventing your lipstick from migrating or fading. What’s more, it also increases the comfort of your mouth. So your lips will stay beautiful longer than they usually are. The red in your mouth will be brighter than ever and display an extraordinary luminosity. Furthermore, the definition of the contour of your mouth by the Lip Definer pencil then allows more precision in the application of your lipstick. Its shape will thus be perfectly drawn. Finally, know that the Lip Definer pencil can perfectly be associated with a discreet gloss as with a bright lipstick, enough to satisfy all women, whether you are more a fan of tone on tone or bright colors.